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What We Can Do For You

We can Unlock The Hidden Potential In Your Business by creating bespoke Branding, Marketing and Sales solutions.

Our services include both online and offline promotion and can range from creating a logo, website or advert through to delivering full marketing strategies.

As a result you can benefit from a stronger brand, improved sales skills and marketing campaigns that work – so you can acquire more customers, make more sales, improve cash flow and ultimately grow your profits.

Headed by one of the UK’s leading business strategists, who leads a team of technical marketers who are specialists in their field, including design, web and video development, social media, telemarketing, online marketing, SEO, advertising, PR, copywriting and coaching.

We start by finding out more about you, your business and your goals; and then reflect on our experience and expertise to recommend the most effective solutions for you.

Our solutions work so well because we follow our unique, proven and highly effective Business DNA methodology; a tried-and-tested, step-by-step system for business success.

We deliver our solutions via bespoke consultancy and campaign delivery; business growth programmes and mentoring services and a range of training workshops and online learning courses. You choose the format that works best for you.

Mentoring & Growth Programmes

Despite your ambitions, is something holding you back? Let us help through our mentoring programmes. We’ll mentor you to achieve your goals and reach new heights, providing not only expert advice but motivation and support. Our typical services include:

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Branding, Marketing & Sales

Let our expert team devise, design and deliver highly effective branding materials and marketing campaigns for you. Be it a one-off project or a joined-up strategy, we can promote your brand, increase your sales and grow your profits. Typical services include:

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Workshops & Online Courses

Delivered by our experts, we have a range of popular workshops. We tailor each workshop to address your specific needs. Or if you prefer self-study, we have numerous online learning programmes covering key business topics. Our services include:

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Selecting the Right Marketing for You

Are you asking “I just don’t know what marketing strategies to implement for my business: what would work for me?” You are NOT alone! In fact, when we asked our Business Growth ClubTM members...

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The Power Of Adding Value

Last week we tackled the below challenge: “I would like to increase my prices, in fact I know that I probably should, but I have no idea how without all of my customers leaving“...

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How To Increase Your Prices

  In a survey of members, you said that your fourth biggest challenge is:  “I would like to increase my prices, in fact I know that I probably should, but I have no idea how without all...

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Getting The Most From Your Marketing

Last week we tackled the question “I don’t know the right amount to spend on marketing or how much I should expect to get in return” by explaining the theory of Customer Lifetime Value...

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Getting A Return On Investment

Last week we reviewed and began to address the following core business challenge: “I don’t know the right amount to spend on marketing or how much I should expect to get in return” This...

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How To Set A Marketing Budget

Today’s challenge is: “I don’t know the right amount to spend on marketing or how much I should expect to get in return” This is an excellent question. And a great deal more important...

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Why SMEs Marketing Is Different

This week we move onto the second biggest challenge faced by members (as per our survey of readers). The second challenge is: “How do I build a brand and communicate a point-of-difference without spending...

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Talking Change

Last week we discussed the dangers of our natural tendency to resist change. I implored you to challenge your innate creature of habit – and adopt change; positive, strategic change. A fantastic place to...

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The Simple Power of Words

With millions of people reading blog posts every day, blogging is considered to be an effective way to promote a brand online and bring qualified traffic to a website.  A business may blog through...

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To Tweet or Not To Tweet?

Every time I speak at a business event and ask ‘do you use Twitter?’, half of the audience say that they swear by Twitter and the other half angrily shout that it is a waste...

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A Linked In Masterclass

While many business leaders and businesses may be ‘on’ Linked In, how many actually use it successfully to get more business? We explain how to do this. Linked In is a network of over...

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Facebook – The Reality!

Everybody is talking about Facebook, including business leaders. But they are almost all using it ‘the wrong way’. Let us show you the right way. With over a billion users at the last count,...

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